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Iris Ohyama history and core values


IRIS OHYAMA EUROPE B.V. is a dynamic, fast-growing company, manufacturing a wide variety of HOME, DIY, CRAFT and OFFICE plastic products for domestic market and worldwide export. The name IRIS OHYAMA EUROPE stands for quality and excellence. Our brand is recognized worldwide and our dedicated team of professionals has helped IRIS OHYAMA EUROPE to become one of the most successful businesses in Europe.

The pride we have in IRIS OHYAMA EUROPE, in our products and in the service we provide to our customers is the reason we have grown in the past and why we will continue to grow in the future. We embrace the philosophy, The Customer Comes First, and we are guided by the following principles:

To put the customer first, always

We recognize that no business can grow without building strong relationships with its customer. We forge such relationships with our customers by creating great and unique products that help our customers expand their businesses which, in return, helps us grow.

To remain flexible

We keep ourselves constantly attuned to the business environment and are willing to adapt to the changing needs and buying habits of retail buyers and consumers, while still remaining competitive.

To contribute to society

We are always mindful of the relationship between our Company, society and people by reinvesting profit in the Company and improving the lives and lifestyles of our employees, our customers and the people who use our products.

To be ambitious and to remember that perfection is unattainable

We know that energy for improvement comes from acknowledging our mistakes, and that we cannot develop our Company and ourselves without admitting our imperfections and overcoming them directly.

To be an excellent Company

We look upon our association with our employees as a partnership in growth and we strive never to lose sight of this partnership. We want our employees to prosper, which helps us to prosper. And, so, we provide the tools to make each employee’s job more dynamic and interesting. Mutual respect is a basic ingredient that guides us as we work together to reach our goals.


Helping others

to live life 


Core Values

IRIS OHYAMA EUROPE keeps pace with an ever-changing market and consumer demands by:
Focusing on our customers. The Customer Comes First is the foundation of our mission statement.
Dedicating ourselves to excellence. We constantly strive for improvement in everything we do.
Manufacturing high-quality products at affordable prices.
Emphasizing continual product innovation.
Reinvesting profits in the Company.

Our social mission is to find solutions from the "user ideas"

 Kentaro Ohyama, President of Iris Ohyama Inc.